Stefano Miele Portrait

He is naturally creative, chromatic, passionate and detailed-oriented by definition. Stefano Miele gives life to the brand Haus of Honey starting from the beginning of his life. From the first love of a child, who saw all those shoes at such a young age, while he was spending many afternoons at his mother’s shop located in gaeta. His eyes scrutinized shapes, feet, curves and heels, visions and desires. dreaming his future in the world of theater, Stefano Miele was raised and immersed in the world of footwear, in a typical story of the Italian culture which leads him to work for luxury brands from the imagination of the child’s drawings up to the decisive step of the back to basics. With wedge shoes and cork, with nostalgia for the aesthetics of beads, which he received as a gift and then he glued them on the first prototype of Haus of Honey. In order to climb, with a paw that scratches with the aesthetics of today and yesterday, a completely transversal view of a manual luxury brand, of simple and therefore revolutionary reading. The colored paw of a creative who feels like a bear inside: “greedy, lazy, with a sweet soul that can become aggressive”. In any case, miele chooses the lightness of the cork as the basis in order to excavate geometries to be filled with modern light. Memories to be reinvented. The nostalgia for the absolute beauty, as an engine to move and seeking out novelty: “preserving pieces of culture that are always current, reinventing their ways. Creating a brand is like giving birth to a person.“ Haus of Honey goes from 35 to 45, to get out and back from every barrier and cliché and tell new ones. As expected: “the name Haus in german pays homage to the bauhaus and its principles. A movement open to all people, of good or bad reputation, regardless of gender.” “Let’s have a bad reputation and be worthy” Oscar Wilde.

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